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Drop-pit: from custom-made to module

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  • 01 Collecting

  • 02 Docking and dropping

  • 03 Washing

  • 04 Transport

  • 05 Dispenser



The automated ball system is responsible for washing and transporting the golf balls to the dispenser. It works together with the robot ballpicker that collects the golf balls on the driving range.

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Docking and dropping

Docking and dropping

When the robot's collection bin is full, it returns to its charging station and drops the balls via the grid into the Drop-pit. The drop-pit itself consists of a stainless steel tray (dropzone) with a grid for the golf balls. This is placed in the ground at the place we decide together with the customer and is where the ballpicker drops the golf balls.

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Next, the golf balls roll into the ball washer, which removes mud and grass from the balls. From that moment on the ball washer starts working and the balls enter the transport chute where they are also counted.

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The golf balls are transported through a vacuum system by an air system that can handle up to 300 balls at the time. The PE tube, which is custom made, has an exact wall thickness and structure to give as little resistance as possible to the flow of balls. It forms the ideal balance between diameter and air flow.

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The transported and washed balls fall into the despenser and are now ready for use.

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How does the "Drop-Pit" works?

The automated Ball Management System is responsible for washing the golf balls and transporting them to the dispenser. It works together with the robot ball picker to collect the golf balls on the driving range. Once full, the robot returns to its station and drops the balls into the Drop-pit.

This process, as discribed above,  is fully automatic, from the moment the golf balls are collected to the moment they are transported back to the "Drop-pit" (the collection and release point of the washed balls).

The design and development of the Drop-pit system has been fully developed by Mr. Yves van Den Bosch, Managing Director at VDB Technics and therefore 100% Belgian made.

How do we operate?

Whether it is a robot mower installation for your green area or a ball management system for your driving range, the customers can count on a personalised approach,

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from us when you choose our robotic technology offering.

Step 1: Free field research

During our first conversation we try to get a view of the current situation and area. This is usually done with the help of satellite mapping software and video. Also the size and complexity of the area or driving range, determination of obstacles such as steep slopes, flags, tree roots,...) is discussed. If necessary, an appointment is made to become acquainted with the area or driving range and special requirements.

Based on the investigation, we make you a recommendation and offer.

Step2: Installation

Once the offer is accepted, the installation process begins.

Driving ranges - A VDB Technician or partner carries out a field survey. He examines the field and determines the best location for the boundary wire, the loading stations, the ball drop zone, etc. taken the obstacles and slopes into account.

Installing the robots - A boundary wire is trenched around the perimeter of the area to be mown. A charging station is installed for each required robot. In addition, the complete ball management system is installed at the driving ranges. 

Step 3: Robots take control

After the preparation and installation process is completed, the robotic system is ready to handle the day-to-day maintenance tasks.

For your peace of mind, VDB Technics offers a full support and service package, including annual winter maintenance. We'll pick up the robot, perform a full diagnostic check and software update; provide new blades; give it a thorough cleaning and bring it back... as good as new!

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