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About us

About us


In 1999, the current Managing Director, Yves Van den Bosch, started working as a freelance electrician. He is responsible for the maintenance and repair of various production lines and machines in companies and golf courses. There he experiences the need for good technical professionals.


In 2004 he starts his company and together with 1 employee they grow further in both the industry and the golf world.


Due to the steady growth in the golf sector, he expands in 2010 and moves to the current location in Genk at the Hengelhoefstraat where he now also sells machines for golf and other sports fields.


In 2012, he started a successful partnership with Belrobotics / Yamabiko. As a dealer, he is now also responsible for the maintenance and repair of mowing robots, and later also for ballpickers in Belgium.

The turning point came a little later. Why not market a total Ball Management System?

And so the DROP-PIT was born! A system that not only picks up golf balls, but also drops them in a "Drop Pit", cleans them and transports them back to the dispenser. And this completely customized to the customer requirements.

With the technical and mechanical knowledge and know-how that he and his technical team have acquired over the years, they first brought a Ball Management System on the market that transported the balls with water. But due to the limitation of distance to the dispenser, they soon switched to the Drop-pit with vacuum transport system with self-designed tube, to bridge the distance of up to 120m between the Drop-pit and the dispenser. Which is unique in the golf world.


In 2018 the first Drop-pit outside the Belgian borders was installed.


The future is also assured. Just like Yves inherited the passion for mechanics from his father, Mathias has also inherited the genes. In 2020 he will follow his father's footsteps.

The current 9-strong VDB Technics team also ensures optimal service, maintenance and after-sales support for Belrobotics.

The Drop-pit is designed from A-Z and produced by VDB Technics. So pure Belgian craftsmanship with a low ecological footprint and almost 100% recyclable!