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Why choose a complete Ball Management System?

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Cost saving

  • You will soon start saving due to a better management of your staff and unlimited accessibility.
  • The robot and Drop-pit are at your service 24/7! You no longer need to close the driving range to collect golf balls and lose revenue. Even at the busiest times, the driving range is under perfect control.
  • The robot collects 12,000 balls in 24 hours. Traditional ball pickers tend to bury a large number of balls each year. This costs the golf club money when it comes to renewing the balls. With the automated ballpicker, this is history.
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Easy to manage

  • Unlike other traditional solutions, the Ballpicker robot and Drop-pit is completely autonomous. The potential reduction in staff is even more valuable because of the seasonal nature of the task, which can vary according to demand. Therefore, it can be extremely difficult to find employees who are so flexible and available. Thanks to the complete Ball Management System (Robot and Drop-pit), personnel management becomes much easier.
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  • By converting to a Ballpicker robot and Drop-pit, you are investing in the economy of tomorrow. Reducing your company's ecological footprint is a major challenge for any business. Investing in green technologies is no longer just a luxury for large companies, it is becoming a must. The change away from fossil fuels is long overdue!

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