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Are there any accessories for the Drop-pit?

<Yes, the possible accessories that can be added to the Drop-pit are:

  • Indicator lights to see the status of the Drop-pit from a distance.
  • Heating can be provided in the Drop-pit.
  • Connectivity between the Drop-pit and VDB Technics --> follow-up

What is the maximum transport distance of the golf balls?

>With this new system with vacuum tube we can go up to 150 meter.

How many golf balls can a Drop-pit handle?

The Drop-pit can handle up to 90,000 balls per 24 hours.

What is the life span of a Drop-pit?

Average life span is 8 to 10 years, with annual maintenance.

How long does it take to install a Drop-pit?

The customer should count on 2-3 days.

How much water does the Drop-pit use?

Depending on the contamination of the balls the water consumption is between 5 and 9 liters per load of 300 balls.

Can I keep my existing balldispencer?

Yes, we adapt our system (drop box) on all kind of brands and types of dispensers. 

How can I maintain the Drop-pit?

The lid of the box opens electrically so the greenkeeper can access it easily for maintenance and cleaning.

In the Drop-pit itself there is a garden hose for easy cleaning.

What if the balldispencer is full?

There is a "full top" sensor which ensures that the Drop-pit does not refill with balls when the sensor is active

How do I know how many golf balls have been washed/transported?

From the moment the Drop-Pit detects the golf balls, the ball washer goes into action and the washed balls enter the transport channel where they are counted.

The number of washed golf balls can be found on a screen installed in the technical room.

What are the requirements to install a Drop-pit?

There should be a 380V socket in the technical room as well as a water supply,

For the Drop-pit we require a D. 110 drain to connect to.


Do I need to install BigMow and ParcMow myself?

No, our experienced team will be there to do it for you!

Is understanding and operating the Belrobotics BigMow or ParcMow difficult and time-consuming?

No, BigMow and ParcMow are both very simple to operate! Once our team has installed your robot you will be shown the key instructions to get started then left with handover documents with everything you need to know. Most customers opt for our additional maintenance package which includes 24-hour telephone support if you get stuck.

Do I need to put it on charge once the battery gets low?

No, BigMow and ParcMow are fully autonomous. Once their battery needs charging they will return to their docking station, charge and return by themselves

Is there a perimeter wire?

Yes, a perimeter wire is laid by our team around the edge of the area that is buried around 2cm underneath the ground.

Comming up: RTK mowing without perimeter wire.  For more info check the Belrobotics site

What is the maximum operational area for BigMow and ParcMow?

BigMow will manage up to 24,000 m2 up to 3 – 5 times per week.

ParcMow will manage up to 14,000 m2 up to 3 – 5 times per week.

What should I do if I have an area larger than 24,000 m2 to cover?

Before all installs a site survey and qualification will take place to match you with the correct size robot for your area, as the type of area, e.g one with many different sections/obstacles can have some effect! Whether you need one or two robots, our team will ensure they recommend the correct one for you.

Can BigMow and ParcMow run with fallen leaves, fruits and small branches?

we recommend these types of objects should be raked away before allowing the system to run, which will benefit the life of the blades.

Will BigMow and ParcMow continue to run in downpours and extreme heat?

The answer is yes. Our robots are designed to face all weather conditions… within reason!

In order to ensure the robot is performing correctly, you can monitor and control from your smartphone app.

The only weather the robot should not run in is if the ground is frozen, or snow.

Can I track my robots activity?

Yes, you can, and so can we.

In order to ensure the robot is performing correctly, you can monitor and control from your smartphone app.

How do I ask for a call out?

Send us and e-mail to customer.service@vdbtechnics.be and and our technical team will try to get to you the following day!